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how you Can Help

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the ways you can help.

The easiest way to help is by donating to our cause and helping us achieve our mission. Donations are a 100% write-off through our 501(c)(3). Donated funds will be used to develop resources and ensure our veterans get the benefits they deserve. Donations help us to maintain and market our mission online. Donations will also be used to purchase ice time, hockey equipment, and enter hockey events so our Warrior Hockey Team(s) can participate in hockey games and training programs.

Use the link, button, or scan the QR-code to Donate. (all options are secure)


As Arizona Warrior Hockey Charities grows and develops, we will need assistance from volunteers and coaches to help build our hockey programs and facilitate future events. 

Corporate Sponsorship
Every business owner knows starting is the most challenging obstacle to overcome. Once we begin down this path, our Veterans will look to us for guidance to obtain their military veteran benefits and help participate in our hockey program and advance their health and hockey skills. While they look to us, we'll be looking to corporate fans and business owners that have been there and know the hurdles of operating a business or non-profit organization. 


Sponsors can: donate, sponsor events, co-brand with us, and fundraise to show their appreciation and commitment to the Veterans within our program. Full-time sponsors are welcomed and much appreciated as we kick off Arizona Warrior Hockey Charities! 

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