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Warriors, you are never alone!

HOCKEY IS OUR MISSION | Welcome to Operation "AZ Warrior Puck Drop."
To develop our ice hockey Warrior program in conjunction with USA Hockey's national Warrior Hockey Discipline and help grow the program within the Phoenix metro area and the surrounding communities here in Arizona.

VETERANS ARE OUR MISSION | Welcome To Operation "AZ Warrior Benes 4 Vets."
We've served, and we are veterans just like you. No Veteran needs to go without the benefits they are eligible for. Every veteran deserves these benefits, and we will strive to educate you. We will help you participate in our online resources, training, and events to maximize your benefits so that you can return home and move towards the future every veteran deserves. 

VETERANS ARE OUR MISSION | Welcome To Operation "AZ Warrior Veteran Connect."
We believe that many other great Veteran-based non-profit organizations exist in Arizona and nationally. If you feel that your mission(s) align with AZ Warrior Hockey Charities' mission statement and that working together strengthens our US Veterans' ability to help, please reach out to discuss a strategy.   

when you wake up in the morning, what's your mission!

HOW YOU CAN HELP | Welcome To Operation "Never Forget Our Vets."
Our US Veterans can use your help, they shouldn't have to ask, and they most likely won't - this is where you step in. Contact us today to see how you can help AZ Warrior Hockey Charities with our Mission.


The easiest way to help is to donate to our cause and help us complete our Mission. Donations are a 100% write-off throughout 501(c)3. Donated funds will be used to develop resources and support our veterans get the benefits they deserve. Donations help us to maintain and market our Mission online. Donations will also be used to purchase ice time, hockey equipment, and hockey events so our AZ Warrior Hockey Team(s) can play hockey and participate in hockey training programs. 





As AZ Warrior Hockey Charities grows and develops, we will need assistance and volunteers, and coaches to help build our hockey training and hockey programs. 

Corporate Sponsorship
Every business owner knows starting is the toughest. Once we start down this path, our Veterans will look to us for guidance to obtain their military veteran benefits and help participate in our hockey program and advance their health and hockey skills. While they look to us, we'll be looking to corporate fans and business owners that have been there and know the hurdles of operating a business and non -profit organization. Let's not let our veterans down. 


Sponsors can: donate, sponsor events, co-brand with us, and fundraise to show their appreciation and commitment to our US Veterans within our program. Full-time sponsors are welcomed and much appreciated as we kick off AZ Warrior Hockey Charities! 

our team

COLIN MORRISON | Founder/President
United States Marine Corps |  2001-2005


Colin grew up playing roller hockey on the Central Coast of California. He served as an artilleryman in the United States Marine Corps with combat tours to Iraq in 2003 and 2004. While in the Marine Corps, he had the opportunity to play roller hockey on his duty station's base team before his deployments.


Colin moved to Arizona in 2010, where he joined a roller league. He made the jump to ice hockey in 2017 when a few of his roller buddies had decided to try it. He currently plays in an adult league in Scottsdale.

MARK LAPORE | Vice President Operations

Mark grew up playing hockey in Chicago, playing high school and club hockey! He now plays inline and ice hockey throughout Arizona.

MARC HOGUE | Customer Relations
branch served: US Marine Corps | Gunnery Sergeant Ret.  

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CLINT TRYON  | Controller CPA

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a word from our founder

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                                  Colin Morrison | Marine Corps Ret.

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